How do I care for my piece?

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is radiant and we all love the way it looks.  There are many elements in our day to day lives that contain sulfur (including the air we breathe) that will cause sterling silver to discolor. To help keep your piece looking its finest, here are some helpful hints:

  • Wear it!!  The oils on your skin will keep it looking fresh and lustrous.
  • Store it! Keep it in an air tight baggie or anti-tarnish cloth wrap when its not being worn.  
  • Avoid contact with household cleaners, sweat, direct sunlight, perfumes, cosmetics or anything else that contains sulfur.



What is the best way to clean sterling silver?

Polished Finish: I recommend using a polishing cloth.  It is the most effective and better for the environment than the liquid dips.

Matte Finish:  I will include a polishing pad at the time of your purchase.  It has a course side that will brush the tarnish away and still maintain the matte.

When using any of the above to restore the silver's brightness, please be careful if your piece includes stones.  I use a lot of porous stones in my work (turquoise, pearls, etc.).  Avoid the surface of the stones when cleaning as many of them will scratch.

What is gold-fill?

Gold-filled metal is the next best thing to solid gold jewelry (according to me).  It is has a brass base with a thick,14k gold layer heat bonded to the surface of both sides.  It is a different process from plating and much more durable because it is so much thicker and wears well over time.  It is a lovely way to wear gold jewelry and keep the expense down and won't discolor your skin.  

As long as gold filled jewelry is cared for properly in can last years and years. Over time gold fill may tarnish slightly and you can treat it as you would a sterling piece, using a tarnishing cloth to remove anything that has developed on the metals surface.